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  • BEST PRATICES FOR 1:1 (PERSONALIZED) PRINTING (6/7/2014) - BEST PRATICES FOR 1:1 (PERSONALIZED) PRINTING INTRODUCTION It’s a tough marketing world out there. Customers have endless choices. They want More...
  • How To Pinpoint Your Model Customer (1/23/2014) -

    One of the biggest problems many new businesses face is working out who their model customer really is. So much time and effort goes into creating and perfecting a product or service that the marketing often becomes secondary. The problem with this is that targeting as many people as  possible often leaves you with a confused message that ends up alienating the customers that you really want. Read More

  • Add pURL Marketing to your Strategy (1/22/2014) -

    What is a personalized URL? It is a unique URL generated for each recipient in a databse ( that takes them to their own pre-generated, personalized mini-site. Once the recipient has logged in, the mini-site can interact with them by name, personalize the content of the mini-site (images, text, pre-populated forms) based on information from the marketer’s database or on answers given by the respondent on the survey page, and record visitors’ behavior while on site. Our personalized mini-sites can also be set up to trigger automatic follow-ups, such as direct mailers, emails, brochures, sales, sales calls, or other touches the marketer might determine. Read More