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Branding & Re-Branding

Why is Branding So Important?

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business or organization. A brand is an identifiable entity which defines what a company or product line stands for, the promise(s) it makes, as well as the personality it conveys to its audience. A brand will instantly inform a consumer about a company’s reputation. It will also inform what they offer, the quality of those offers, in addition to several other attributes. The mere mention or sight of a brand-name, its logo, or even the sound of a brand-name jingle, is attached to several consumer perceptions of, and experiences with, that company. All of this will enable a consumer to make a decision on whether or not they will trust and purchase the brand-name. What consumers think of your brand will affect the types of consumers you attract, the purchasing of your brand, and the reputation your brand will carry for future as well as repeat purchases.

Is Re-Branding Necessary?

To survive in business, change and adaptation is necessary. Your brand may immediately or eventually need to evolve, in order to ensure it keeps up-to-date with the changing needs and trends in the marketplace. You can’t run your company the same way forever. If you do so, you are likely to lose customers. Re-branding is often necessary in order to stay relevant to the times in which a brand exists, as well as to ensure its future success. Re-branding is also necessary if you wish to change the audience you wish to cater towards, as well as the message you wish to convey about your product(s) and/or service(s).

Keys to an Effective Brand Strategy

  1. Target Audience: Determining who your audience is. Who is most likely to buy your product(s) and/or service(s)? This will allow you to figure out the correct message to send, as well as how to convey it
  2. Brand Promise: The message which speaks to your target audience. This will tell them what to expect from purchasing your product(s) and/or service(s)
  3. Brand Perception: You’ll need to analyze the perception of what your brand has been in the past, what it is now, and what you’d like it to be in the future. Do your target customers know your brand? What do they already think of you? What is it that you want them to think of you? Understanding how your brand is perceived at all times is crucial in creating, maintaining, or altering an effective brand strategy.
  4. Brand Values: These clearly define what guides your company’s decision-making. What are the core values that your brand seeks to embody?
  5. Brand Voice: How your brands “speaks”–its desired and perceived personality. This answer will depend on your audience, and the voice you use to speak to them.
  6. Brand Positioning: The position that a brand holds [or desires to hold] in the mind of the consumer. Having a positioning statement can define the target audience, who the brand competes against, the benefits of using it, and a statement of proof for the brand promise. It tells you what the brand’s position is in the market relative to its competitors, and what sets it apart from the rest.

Case Studies

A Unified Kosco Brand Builds Customer Loyalty

The Kosco brand is well known and trusted. It is recognized as the premium home-heating comfort provider throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley region of New York State.

The ColorPage marketing team conducted extensive research around the Kingston Oil Supply Company (KOSCO) brands.  At the time of investigation, KOSCO had three segmented brands due to acquisitions made in prior years: Kingston Oil Supply Company; Paramount Oil; and Amos Post.  Each brand was best recognized in its prospective territory only. This kind of segmentation in branding proved to make growth difficult. Redundancy in operational and advertising costs made KOSCO a prime candidate for a re-branding

ColorPage assisted in developing a cohesive brand proposition and ultimately consolidated all three brands and created a new, unified image for Kingston Oil Supply Company.

The new brand, Kosco, targeted the residential market with a new look and an improved response.


Community Bank Gets a Re-Brand

The local community bank has five branch offices located in close proximity to the Hudson River. The bank’s vision is to be the leading provider of business banking and retail financial services in the markets which they serve.

ColorPage was hired to create a new logo to present their vision to the community. Their request was to retain the elements of their previous logo, so clients would see the change as growth and advancement of values–and not a change in ownership or ideology. ColorPage cleverly associated the bank’s position with one of the area’s most recognizable structures (seen from both sides of the Hudson River). The “Rondout Lighthouse” provided the perfect symbolism for the bank: Guidance; Foundation; Trust; Always Working; and Community. The new logo incorporated the water and blue color from the previous logo, and yet enhanced the bank’s position within the community. Today, the lighthouse logo and newly developed slogan, “Always working for you and our community”, is proudly presented on all branding material and is well-received by both customers, and prospects.


Spiegel Architectural Woodworks

Spiegel Architectural Woodworks (SAW) is a provider of fine wood moldings for both residential and commercial use. The company serves the New York Metropolitan market, as well as areas throughout the Northeast.

The owner, Gary Spiegel, has relied on ColorPage’s marketing, design, and printing services for more than twenty years to grow his business. ColorPage presented an architectural SAW Molding “Seal” concept to Mr. Spiegel. The SAW Seal serves as an icon of excellence, with the objective of elevating and differentiating the SAW brand to the architectural client base served. The stamp-like seal is successfully being used to bring emphasis to the SAW molding quality and workmanship.


Developing a New Brand

Classroom Authors is a startup technology company that develops web-based writing and publishing solutions for the education industry. The company relies on ColorPage for it’s marketing and branding expertise.

“Developing a new brand is a challenging proposition”, said ColorPage owner, Frank Campagna. “We applied a lot of effort upfront researching competitor brands and understanding prospective teacher (customer) reactions to the name “Classroom Authors” prior to presenting a logo concept. The logotype, or wordmark, utilizes two custom fonts: a san-serif and a serif font, making good use of the “A” in “authors” to represent excellent work. The logo was designed to be readable when reproduced from a very small size to a very large size and economical to print in just two colors.


Rhinebeck Kitchen & Bath Drops Old Name

After twenty plus years as “Country Cupboards”, owner Bill Schaefer said it was time to make a name change. Mr. Schaefer hired ColorPage owner and marketing consultant, Frank Campagna, to provide a marketing plan for his high-end kitchen and bath sales and installation company.

A new name that could better represent the company’s professionalism and high-quality cabinetry and workmanship was needed to better position the company for future growth. “The previous name, Country Cupboards, did not fit the company’s brand proposition”, said Campagna.  “Bill called me with his idea for a new name Rhinebeck Kitchen and Bath, and it made a lot of sense to me. The company’s main showroom location was on a high-traffic road in Rhinebeck. “Rhinebeck is a brand in and of itself–it represents  chic, contemporary, traditional, country, quality, and comfort all in one. We pulled our creative team together and got right to work on the new logo.” An open-face script font was selected and customized to reflect both elegance and simplicity. The new name and logo was presented to clients in a personalized letter, and the responses provided positive feedback. In fact, several customers stated that, given the high value of product and service, the new name made more sense to them.


Herzog’s Home & Paint Center’s Consolidates Three Names

In the past, Herzogs Home Center, Miller Paint, and Hudson Valley Paint and Decorating, were three brands in five different locations, all managed under one company: Herzog’s Supply Company. Today, there is one consolidated brand: “Herzog’s Home and Paint Centers”.

It can be costly and complex to maintain multiple customer facing brands. As a general rule, consolidating brands with similar or complimenting offerings can be quite beneficial to an operation and its customers. ColorPage provides marketing and advertising expertise for Herzog’s Supply Company and its holdings. The Herzog’s name has been around for over 100 years, and has become a community brand that represents the highest level of customer service. The name consolidation will expose the Herzog Home and Paint Center’s brand to a larger region, and over time, will prove beneficial by simplifying operational efforts and strengthening communication with customers. The logo was a modification to the existing flagship Herzog Home Center logo. The Miller Paint and Hudson Valley Paint and Decorating logos were discontinued. The new brand was celebrated at all locations with a two-month, store-wide paint and decorating sale. Customers were mailed personalized letters from the president, making them aware of the benefits of the brand consolidation, and inviting them to join in the celebration.

Campaign & Advertising Plans -

A commitment to the development of a customer focused advertising plan is one of the reasons ColorPage clients have grown sales. The most successful campaigns rely on research and data that is segmented into prospect groups with common needs who are then presented highly relevant and valued information.

Integrated Marketing Integrated Marketing Strategy - We Can Help Improve Response Rates and Grow Your Sales Taking an integrated marketing approach means communicating your brand, idea, More...
Media Buying -

Purchasing media isn’t just about the buy. Done right, media buying requires a skill set that involves creativity, marketing know how and relationship management.  ColorPage has  dedicated media buyers that go the extra mile to make sure your goals match the advertising plan and our media buying. Our Long term relationships with media reps will assure you the greatest exposure for your media budget.

For details & pricing contact Frank Campagna at 800-836-7581.

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