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With images becoming more important every day, the photos used by your business are critical.  What will potential customers see when they first come to your website or glance through a brochure?  Let ColorPage create photos for your business that attract new customers.  With our extensive catalog of pictures, we can select and refine the best images to convey your message.

All of your photos, no matter where they appear, ultimately should convey the same image:  your brand at its fully developed and vibrant best.

Meet the Photographers

Dan Chidester

Earned a BFA in photo journalism at Rochester Institute of Technology. He was the Director of Photography at Kingston Daily Freeman and Chief Photographer at Daily Freeman.

Michael Gold

Specializes in Headshots for Actors, Authors, Lecturers, Singers, Dancers, Models, Musicians, Bands, Composers, Conductors,
Artists and Politicians.

What we do

Black and White

Perfect for a classic image, black-and-white is synonymous with refinement and style.  Also called “monochrome,” these images reveal subtitles that color photos cannot catch, especially with pictures shot in low light.  Emotion too comes out more strongly in black and white.  If you want to evoke a mood while suggesting tradition, monochrome may be for you.

Four Color

The quality of the printed photo depends on the breaking down of the original image into CMYK, a process known as “halftoning.”  With over thirty years in printing, we are experts in this process.  Our printing team can make sure that the colors in the final print are never muddled so that your business can present a rich, professional image every time.

Ad Photography

A photograph in an ad can evoke a seemingly endless array of moods, styles and attitudes.  ColorPage can create an entire reality with photos that reflect your brand.  Potential customers, viewing the picture, can step inside a carefully crafted message.  Our team can use your photos to draw in and inspire customers so that they remember your brand later when making a purchase.


The end result of your marketing is the purchase of the product.  Here, with a photo, your image merges with what you have to offer.  ColorPage can make this meeting seem both natural and dramatic.  Photos here should reveal the same message that your business expresses throughout every medium.  That message should be amplified by the photo and yet not appear overstated.  ColorPage can help you find the right balance.

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