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What are Micro-Sites?

Micro-sites, also called “mini-sites”, provide a separate page or cluster of pages off of a primary website. Usually using a sub-domain or a unique URL, micro-sites are used to provide information or complement an offline activity, such as a promotion. Micro-sites are a good tool to capture data from users which show interest in the subject, which in turn, can be used in marketing campaigns. These mini-sites are often temporary, and are used only for the time the information is relevant.

If you take a look below, you’ll find different uses for these mini-sites, and how they can be beneficial to your marketing campaign and your business. Among them, you’ll find you can use these mini-sites in your personalized campaigns (pURLs), in information and promotion, for prospective sales, for special savings sites, and for contest giveaways. Just like a regular website, these sites can be tracked and data can be extracted from them.

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Different Micro-Site Uses

Personalized Campaigns

pURLS and micro-sites are made for each other. pURLs take recipients to a personalized micro-site relating to the offer or call-to-action. pURLs use a predefined list of recipients to personalize each page of the micro-site, with the recipients name and relevant images, depending on the recipient’s known interests. There is no limit to the amount of personalization. The ultra-customized micro-site usually starts off with a welcome and personalized survey page. The purpose of the survey page can be to validate existing customer information and/or seek additional information about the recipient, with a goal of making future communications even more customized and personalized. Learn more about pURLs

Information & Promotion

Using a domain name relating to the event gives information of when and where the event is held. Users can also enter their information to receive extra savings or promotions. Include multiple pages with directions, contact information, and different parts of the event. Keep your prospective customers well-informed and interested in your company.

Prospective Sales

If your company has a long list of prospective clients, but your sales team doesn’t have the time or energy to reach them all, a micro-site can be used to target your prospects and let them discover what your company has to offer. Direct mail, email, and pURLs are effective methods to merge with a micro-site in order to create a full marketing campaign to increase your sales. Learn More.

Special Savings Site

Micro-sites can provide an easily accessible place to find deals and coupons for your business. Capture data for future campaigns by requiring information, such as name and email, to be entered before the deals or coupons become visible.

Contest Giveaways

Create a contest for your business to spark interest, and collect data from current and potential customers.

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