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Digital Storefronts (Web-2-Print)

A Better Way to Manage Your Marketing Material

Regardless of the size of your organization, maintaining your unified marketing collateral can be an overwhelming task. Keeping digital files, printing, images, lists, artwork, branding, and inventories up-to-date and accessible can be expensive and time-consuming; it’s also a process that too often falls short of expectations. The solution to this issue can be solved with ColorPage, by creating for you and providing you with what we call Digital Storefronts.

ColorPage offers a leading marketing on-demand solution, Fusion On-Demand, that helps enterprises centralize their marketing materials in a private digital storefront. There, they can automate a variety of marketing, creative, fulfillment, and distribution processes using an integrated web-based marketing portal.

Within this personal digital storefront of your very own, it is very easy to keep track of everything concerning marketing. From everything and anything that you’ve ever done and the materials used, to everything you are currently working on and using, and to everything you plan on doing with materials and items you plan on using in your future marketing efforts. Instead of all of your staff members looking in multiple places for multiple items, and saving their multiple projects in multiple places, you now have one central, organized, and personal space that you can access anywhere you have internet, at any time.

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